who we are

the new prét-à-couture brand Made in Italy, embodies an idea of extreme beauty with a haughty charm.

The superb and proud gaze splits the air and lands directly on the object of desire. The confident pace goes beyond obstacles. A lean elegance with no space for frivolousness.

The woman embodying Albagía’s style is dazzling just like the first ray of light. A stern name recalling the splendour of the brightest dawn with a sense of natural born superiority.

Albagía is an Italian prét-à-couture brand conceived from pure geometric shapes and net volumes which translate in a precise and captivating silhouette created to intensify the body of a feminine, conscious, and powerful woman.

A contemporary femme fatale who prefers a brand to wear 24/7, combining beauty and personality in a unique style which is perfect for her private and family moments, as well as, being impeccable for her life as a businesswoman.

Albagía reaches for the pureness of the Italian tailoring finishes and shapes to create a beauty which fears no comparison, and forms an adult charm which is able to seduce with vanity and a hint of arrogance.

Albagía is a refined winner.

It’s a woman entering a room capturing the gaze of everyone.

It’s fearless rigor.

Albagía is charm. Without compromise.